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Karl Fant, Founder and President Karl Fant, Theseus Research Cofounder and President

In a sixteen-year career at Honeywell Systems and Research Center, Mr. Fant created and directed key programs and contracts that led the Signal and Image Processing group to preeminence in the nation in real-time automatic target recognition. Other programs included medical imaging, industrial inspection and image generation. Mr. Fant is the co-inventor of Computer Generated Synthesized Imagery (CGSI), which generates photo-realistic scenes in real-time from libraries of photographic images, by warping each into place and blending them together. In 1982 Mr. Fant received the H. W. Sweatt award, Honeywell's highest award for technical achievement, for his invention of a unique digital-image warping algorithm developed for CGSI.

In October, 1990 Theseus Research Inc. was founded to provide consulting in the design and implementation of real-time image processing systems and to pursue applications of ongoing research into the theory of computers. The primary accomplishment of Mr. Fants consulting activity was the implementation of the prototype L-VIS system for Princeton Video Inc. This is the system that puts the yellow first-down line on the football field, and that inserted the virtual advertisements behind the batter in the 2001 World Series.

In January, 1996 Theseus Logic was spun out of Theseus Research to commercialize NULL Convention Logic (NCL), a direct result of Mr. Fants research in the theory of computers. NCL is an expressively complete logic that is ideal for designing and implementing clockless, logically determined, digital electronic circuits and systems. Theseus Logic continues to commercially develop NCL.

Mr. Fant has returned to Theseus Research to continue developing and commercializing new technologies .


Issue Date US Patent # Patent Title
05/21/85 4,519,041 Real time automated inspection
02/24/87 4,645,459 Computer generated synthesized imagery
05/19/87 4,667,190 Two axis fast access memory
05/30/89 4,835,532 Nonaliasing real-time spatial transform image processing system
08/08/89 4,855,822 Human engineered remote driving system
11/03/92 5,161,013 Data projection system with compensation for nonplanar screen
04/19/94 5,305,463 Null convention logic system
10/11/94 5,355,496 Method and system for process expression and resolution including a generally and inherently concurrent computer language
11/05/96 5,572,732 Method and system for process expression and resolution including a general method of direct association
06/17/97 5,640,105 Current mode null convention threshold gate
07/29/97 5,652,902 Asynchronous register for null convention logic systems
08/12/97 5,656,948 Null convention threshold gate
09/02/97 5,664,211 Null convention threshold gate
09/02/97 5,664,212 NULL convention logic system
06/09/98 5,764,081 Null convention interface circuits
08/11/98 5,793,662 Null convention adder
08/18/98 5,796,962 Null convention bus
09/08/98 5,805,461 Method and system for process expression and resolution
10/27/98 5,828,228 Null convention logic system
04/06/99 5,892,554 System and method for inserting static and dynamic images into a live video broadcast
04/20/99 5,896,541 Null convention register file
05/25/99 5,907,693 Autonomously cycling data processing architecture
07/27/99 5,930,522 Invocation architecture for generally concurrent process resolution
11/02/99 5,977,663 Dynamic threshold gates with embedded registration
02/01/00 6,020,754 Look up table threshold gates
02/29/00 6,031,390 Asynchronous registers with embedded acknowledge collection
04/18/00 6,052,770 Asynchronous register
12/04/01 6,327,607 Invocation architecture for generally concurrent process resolution
12/25/01 6,333,640 Asynchronous logic with intermediate value between data and null values


  • Member ACM
  • Member of IEEE
  • 1979 Chairman Twin Cities Chapter of IEEE Computer Society


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Scott Brandt, Theseus Research Cofounder

Scott Brandt left Theseus Research in 1991 to pursue his PhD and an academic carreer. He is currently teaching at University of California Santa Cruz. Scott's Home Page.

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