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Comparing Size Transforms

Standard Bi-Cubic Shrink   Theseus Warp Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 33.3% Shrink 33.3%
Theseus Warp at 33.3% Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 35.1% Shrink 35.1%
Theseus Warp at 35.1% Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 37% Shrink 37%
Theseus Warp at 37% Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 38.8% Shrink 38.8%
Theseus Warp at 38.8% Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 40.7% Shrink 40.7%
Theseus Warp at 40.7% Shrink
Standard Bi-Cubic at 42.5% Shrink 42.5%
Theseus Warp at 42.5% Shrink

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