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Theseus Warp

The Theseus Warp technique assumes area sampling and resampling in contrast to point sampling and resampling. Complete, continuous, contiguous and uniformly weighted area resampling delivers high fidelity image transformation with a lesser computational cost than bi-cubic resampling.

Area Resampling

Complete and Uniform:

Every input pixel contributes a weight of exactly 1 to the output image.

Contiguous and Continuous:

Contiguous resampling apertures with continuously varying size, shape and position over the input image.

Area Sampling and Resampling
Area Sampling and Resampling
Theseus Warp Technique
46.3% Shrink
Point Resampling

Incomplete and Nonuniform:

Selected input pixels contribute with varying weights to the output image.

Non-Contiguous and Discrete:

Non-contiguous resampling apertures of constant size and shape are positioned discretely over the input image.

Point Sampling and Resampling
Leading App Bi-Cubic
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Technical Information

This for you all you curious techies out there! Read the paper, "A Nonaliasing, Real-Time Spatial Transform Technique," by Karl M. Fant, published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, January, 1986.

Comparing Technologies

Check out the following comparison pages to see what a difference improved technology can make.

> Images comparing size transforms

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> Movies that compare dynamic artifacting with standard transform techniques

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